How My Sisters Saved Me

by Caroline B.

“Sisters are for sharing laughter and wiping tears.”

Having sisters is one of those experiences that is impossible to explain to someone who has never had their perfectly-fitted pair of jeans stolen, or been comforted at 3AM when all logic fails and the only solace you can find comes from them telling you with that tender, steady tone that everything will be alright.

"I knew I could always find reassurance and comfort in my sisters..."

Growing up as the middle sister can be a rough ride... All the cautions that were exercised with your older sibling often get thrown to the wind, and once you're not "the baby" anymore, its easy to feel lost in the fray. I knew I could always find reassurance and comfort in my sisters though. It was my older sister that came to my rescue that time I nearly drowned in the pool as a toddler. My little sister that humbly brought me oreos and milk the first time I felt heartbreak. And both of them came to pick me up me when junior prom didn't quite turn out like I'd hoped.

"It seems silly, but I actually cried."

My big sister taught me life lessons as she learned them, and my little sister never failed to warn me anytime I started to become tragically unhip. It was when I moved away, however, that I came to realize how lost I was without them. College hit me hard. I fell into an awful depression and, frankly, I made a slew of bad decisions. After all those years of being the lone wolf middle-child, at my core I was afraid of being alone. When I came home for the holidays, my sisters realized how bad it was and staged an impromptu intervention. Both promised we'd always stay in touch. The next time I came home for the holidays, my little sister got us all matching sister bracelets. It seems silly, but I actually cried. It's nice to have that constant reminder around my wrist that they are always just a phone call away.

My next year of college was full of surprises, but with the ongoing sister-therapy, it was a far, far better year. They sent fun care packages, called 3 or more times a week, and they never let me feel I was alone. I truly can't imagine how things would be without their presence in my life.

"Let’s make a pact to reconnect..."

Life will always be busy. We all work too much. Let’s make a pact to reconnect with the women who have been there through it all and let them know how much they’re appreciated. We won’t even have to break the bank to do it. Are you ready? Let’s go.

Whether you are the Big sis, Little sis, Middle sis or Baby, it feels good to have a small reminder you can carry with you that the bond you have, and that sisterly love is forever. Having a rough day? Remember that afternoon your little sister came home from school in tears because some bigger kids were picking on her so you stomped down to her bus stop and had a nice long talk with those big bullies? Or the day your big sister graduated from highschool and your whole family screamed like banshees when they called her name, causing her to turn bright red, shake her head and smile. Sometimes a small trinket is all you need to cause one of a hundred memories to come flooding back, often when you need it the most.

My sisters and I all now wear these matching heart bracelets as a daily reminder that no matter what life brings, we will always be there for one another. These are not only stunning, they're amazingly only 10 dollars. There are more than a dozen colorful customizable banners and brightly colored gemstones to choose from, too!

The Bracelets

My sisters opted for the classic silver bracelets with black text, though there are a ton of different styles available. (They also come in necklaces and earrings!)

The bracelets themselves are quite substantial, nicely weighted chains with easy to fasten lobster clasps, and the charms are truly gorgeous in person. The quality is way better than I would have expected!

The Cost

The bracelets we got are on sale for $10 each. Since there are three of us, we got the 3 piece set with Little, Middle, and Big Sister bracelets for $30. We also got a coupon code for FREE SHIPPING on our order, too!

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For what these cost, we couldn’t ask for more! All of us love them, and they serve as a wonderful daily reminder not only of the good times we’ve had, but also that we're all there for each other - ALWAYS!

You can get these for you and your sister(s) at

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