12 Reasons Why Your Mom is Your Best Friend

We all grow up to be our mother's best friend.

  1. 1

    Mother- Daughter dates include a sleep over


  2. 2

    You know the sounds she makes, which helps you find her when she wanders off in the store...

    It's like sonar!

  3. 3

    She taught you so much

    Be careful, look both ways before you pet a deer...

  4. 4

    She helps you even when she isn't around

    Mom+encouragement= success!

  5. 5

    You are almost the same person

    Are you sisters...?

  6. 6

    She has pranked you. More than once.

    How to Parent: Prank Your Children

  7. 7


    Mothers are always quotable

  8. 8

    Her advice invaluable to you

    It's beauty sleep for a REASON.

  9. 9

    You want matching tattoos

    Follow your arrow... and your mom!

  10. 10

    She doesn't want you to get married just yet

    You two just have too much fun together!

  11. 11

    It is known that you can't be separated

    Who's name does she use for her email password?

  12. 12

    You are just as weird as she is

    Which is saying a lot!


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