Back That Glass Up

Recapping the 12 decisions of a girl's night out.

  1. 1

    Decision One: Wake Up.

    One mimosa, puh-lease.

  2. 2

    Decision Two: Get Tipsy

    Now there is no sense of shame to my actions.

  3. 3

    Decision Three: Sit on the Floor

    It is stable, which means more wine is possible.

  4. 4

    Decision Four: Lose Some Control


  5. 5

    Decision Five: Lose All Control

    I am FINE. I just need some tissues and chocolate.

  6. 6

    Decision Six: Text the Bestie

    We throw our handsvup, too.

  7. 7

    Decision Seven: Misjudge Your Footing, Get Hurt

    So the exact opposite of this.

  8. 8

    Your friends begin to look at you so you make...

    You... need to go home now, honey.

  9. 9

    Decision Eight: Try to Convince your Girls that You're okay!

    Which you do as poor of a job as Chris Pratt does.

  10. 10

    Decision Nine: Think About Sleeping... Immediately.

    Sleep? Oh, that is who I am dating.

  11. 11

    Decision Ten: Lay on Floor and SLEEP.

    Wherever that floor may currently be.

  12. 12

    Decision Eleven: Try to Remember Your Decisions the Next Morning

    We know what you did, but you don't want to know.

  13. 13

    Decision Twelve: Stay in Bed Because of the Hangover

    Coffee and some aspirin, please.


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